iPhone Compatible RAVPower’s $26 Newly Released Wireless Charger Down To $10

It’s time we change that if you don’t have enough wireless chargers around. There are plenty of deals for convenient devices, and often a fantastic wireless charger can be picked for less than $15. Amazon’s RAVpower 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad now costs you $9.99 when you check-out with promotional code 5LY7R9J9. This is a newly released product, so there are not a lot of reviews yet, but the brand produces tons of technology that customers like so we don’t expect a difference here. Get free shipping with either $25 or Amazon Prime. If you haven’t got Amazon Prime yet, here’s a 30-day free trial.

This easy-to-use charger provides your smartphone with the fastest possible speed. Depending on its compatibility, Android devices will receive up to 10W while an iPhone receives 7.5W. There is a handy LED light that flickers when the battery is fully recharged and stays sturdy. It will also flash red when there is a problem like your device is positioned incorrectly or something like that. There are built-in safeguards to protect your phone from overloading or overheating.

Note that the AC adapter is not included in your purchase. If you don’t have one around the house, consider making savings on an adapter to deliver the quickest possible speed. This Anker option should do the trick.

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