SanDisk’s 128 GB microSD Card Down To $23

You now have the opportunity to take SanDisk’s 128 GB MicroSDXC high endurance card at Amazon for $22.99. That’s $3 off for what it sells regularly. But don’t make any mistake, while this microSD card may not seem like a lot, it doesn’t go very much on sale. In fact, it’s dropped from that street price just another time. You get it at the lowest price we’ve ever seen, and we’re sure it’s not going to last too long. The 64 GB version goes for $13, so for less than twice the price, you get twice the space.

For dashcams and home monitoring systems, this high-endurance card is built. This is a microSDXC card, however, so you need to make sure you can handle the extra capacity with the device you want to use it. For instance, many dash cams cap out at 32 GB or 64 GB. You’re going to want something special like the dual dash cam Vantrue N2 Pro, which supports up to 256 GB microSD cards. Because the card is high endurance, it can record for up to 20,000 hours, which is really important for systems such as a dashcam where it may be for an extended period of time on loop recording. While it will last for up to 20,000 hours, you should expect only about 10,000 hours to fill up the 128 GB card.

It can also withstand harsh conditions, even extreme temperatures. The card is waterproof, shockproof and proof of X-ray and comes with an SD card slot adapter. With a two-year warranty, SanDisk supports it.

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