Charge iPhone & Apple Watch Together With Discounted Anker PowerWave+ Pad

The AirPower charger from Apple has been canned, but there is still a lot of need to conveniently charge your iPhone and your Apple Watch. Luckily for you, Anker offers $12 off its dual-purpose PowerWave Pad+ taking it down to a $47.99 low price we’ve never seen before. It rarely drops off its MSRP $60, so it’s time to add it to your desk or nightstand.

The PowerWave+ combines a Qi charging pad with a built-in Apple Watch stands to wirelessly top up your iPhone 8 or newer. It comes with a Quick Charge wall charger and a PowerLine6-foot micro USB cable to connect to the back of the pad itself.

The Qi charger can provide your iPhone with the fastest 7.5W charging and works up to 5 mm in thickness through cases. The Apple Watch stand uses your existing charging cable to juice your watch and stores it smoothly out of sight in the pad base, keeping it clean. If you use Nightstand mode or lay it flat, you can choose to support your watch. It might be worth picking up an extra charging cable for Apple Watch to use with the stand or have a spare when you’re traveling.

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