$9 Xcentz Universal Travel Power Adapter Lets You Charge Apple Device Anywhere In The World

You should make sure that your bag is packed with all the right essentials before you fly off to another country. One item many people forget to bring overseas is a universal travel power adapter, but luckily you can pick one up for just $8.99 today at Amazon so you can make sure you’re ready to power up anywhere. During checkout, you only need to enter WAAJDRFN promo code to score this low price. Today’s sale saves you $11 off the regular cost of this travel adapter and brings it down a couple of dollars from what we’ve ever seen. This deal is only valid for this product’s blue version.

The universal multi-function travel adapter from Xcentz is designed for use in more than 150 countries as it is equipped with plugs from the EU, UK, AU, and USA. The four integrated USB ports offering a 4.8A output are another brilliant addition. It has a max AC power of 880W at 110V and a max AC power of 1840W at 230V. It is important to note that the voltage is not converted by this adapter.

This travel adapter is built with overcurrent, overload, short-circuit, and high-temperature protection. Xcentz also includes a purchase 18-month warranty. Over 50 customers at Amazon have so far left reviews for this adapter resulting in a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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