$15 TECKIN Power Strip Surge Protector Can Charge All Apple Device Together

How many power lines have you at home with AC outlets only? These days we charge so many devices via USB, so why don’t we have a power strip on it with USB ports? They are affordable, reliable, and you can now snag Amazon’s Teckin Desktop Surge Protection USB Power Strip for just $14.67 when entering DI9YIG3N promo code during checkout. That saves you a bit more than $4 off its price there, although it’s sold for up to $20 recently. Today’s deal brings this power strip lower than it has ever been reached before without a code, so you don’t want to miss this chance.

With three USB charging ports and three AC outlets, up to six devices and appliances can be charged simultaneously. It is protected against overload and has a safety snap-button that pops up and cuts power automatically when load power is over the rated power.

The compact, lightweight design of this power strip makes it good to keep everywhere. Rather than standing on the ground or hidden behind furniture, you can place it on your desk or bedside stand for easy access without a bulky eye or space. Four non-slip rubber feet are also on its bottom that help prevents it from sliding around.

The Teckin power strip has a five-foot extension cord, although you could add an extension cord to your cart if you need to put it somewhere far away to ensure that it can be connected anywhere around your home. This also helps you reach the $25 minimum order required for free shipping from Amazon. Otherwise, your order can also be shipped with Amazon Prime for free. With this purchase, Teckin includes a 12-month guarantee.

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