You Can Still Bag Apple’s iPhone XR For $433 Today At Amazon

iPhone XR

Right now it’s a very good time to have an Amazon Renewed iPhone XR with the best possible color option for just $433. We’re talking about the red color, of course. This is magnificent! This deal probably won’t last long with limited stocks. We would suggest ordering to avoid disappointment soon – especially if you have a red color in your heart. However, for similar prices other options are available.

While Amazon’s renewed products are not associated with Apple, they are still being tested to make sure they are ready for snuff. That also includes the battery.

It works fully on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US cell phone, cricket, and Metro. This iPhone is also fully unlocked. However, you must provide your own SIM card, so keep this in mind. You’re going to get a charger in the box, but it may not be an official Apple product.

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