iPad: Take This Apple Pencil Alternative For $24 (38% OFF)

Right now, you can pick up the Yottn iPad Stylus Pencil for just $25.49 from Amazon. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 38 percent on the original price.

An improved iPad pencil with Palm rejection technology that differs from the original Apple pencil. When writing or drawing on the iPad, lay your hand on the screen without wearing a bulky glove. Similar to an apple pencil, it offers a natural and fluid writing experience. We applaud the fact that you can use this pen with a glass screen protector on your iPad.

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The pen stylus for the iPad has a 1.5mm changeable screwed tip that is smoother, more accurate, and simple to replace. It also has no lagging, skips, or scratches. It is more durable, tougher, and less likely to break than a regular iPad pencil nib. This compatible iPad pen is a great replacement for your second-generation Apple pencil. The digital pencil is simple to use to browse the web, take notes, paint with watercolors, sketch, or mark.

Press the top button of a compatible Apple pen twice to switch it on or off for an iPad stylus. In order to preserve power, auto-off and switch to “Sleep Mode” after being idle for 8–10 minutes. The built-in battery of the compatible iPad Pro Pencil allows for 20 hours of continuous use after one hour of USB cable charging.

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Smooth, non-rolling, cylinder-shaped pencil with one flat side that is easy to handle and grip. Because the active stylus pen is so small and light, you can take it everywhere you want, which is highly practical. It is therefore the greatest stylus pencil for your iPad Air, Mini, or Pro.

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