This Discounted Apple Watch Alternative For iPhone Has More Than 11000 Ratings & It’s Available Today For $30

YAMAY Smart Watch

Amazon is currently offering the YAMAY Smart Watch for $30 with a direct discount. Today’s offer saves 17 percent for a limited time only.

YAMAY can accurately track your step count, calorie consumption, distance traveled, and heart rate and uses a heart-rate sensor to verify the data. It also supports seven exercise modes to help you track your other exercises, and will connect with your smartphone’s GPS to draw the route map in the related app.

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You can get call, e-mail, text, schedule, mail, and message alerts and read them directly on your watch. This watch can fit for a 6.5 to 9.5″ wrist(perimeter), suitable for men and women, and children. This watch is not compatible with iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones.

This watch will automatically detect and track your sleep and analyze your sleep quality. You can easily check the data in the app. This watch also has many practical tools, such as alarm clocks, music controller, deep breathing guide, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, timer.

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Unlike its traditional watches, the YAMAY watch can enhance its battery life a lot. With one single full charge, it can work 7-10 days. Moreover, it has an IP68 waterproof standard, which means you can wear it with no worry when washing your hands or swimming.

This watch has extremely accurate readings, features practical tools, looks stylish, is light-weight, and comfortable to wear around the wrist. The price is good for the item itself, and people getting this as a gift will receive a positive impression of you and the item. It is a very good thing for you and your family to stay active and healthy.

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