World’s Most Popular Wireless Earbuds From Apple On Sale At Amazon With Heavy Discount

Apple AirPods

The Apple AirPods models, which have been the best-selling on Amazon for many months, are among the most remarkable exceptions to Amazon’s new rules. What is even crazier than the fact that these non-essential headphones do not suffer from severe shipping delays is the price – in recent weeks, AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro have been on sale repeatedly at low prices. Now, Amazon takes stuff to the next level.

The majority of our readers interested in AirPods 2 opt for the entry-level version of the normal charge case as opposed to AirPods Pro. Of course, the explanation is quite simple: it’s cheaper. AirPods 2 retail for $159 while the wireless upgrade model sells for $199. The basic model for Amazon with its normal discounts dropping to $139 usually comes with the upgraded version for $169, which still is a very large gap. Right now, however, AirPod 2 Wireless Charging Case is down to a new $10 lower than last year’s price on Black Friday. Hurry and for only $149.98 you can get a pair!

For AirPods Pro, at last year’s low-all-time black-Friday and cyber week, Apple’s first Bluetooth free cord-free earphones with active sound cancelation are still on sale. That means you can now head over to Amazon and collect a pair for $234.98 instead of paying $250 like you would for Apple or most of its retail partners.

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