World’s Most Popular Apple AirPods Back On Sale At Amazon On Discounted Price

Apple AirPods-min

Something strange occurred at Amazon last week: a large discount on AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case. It’s no wonder that these days they’re going on sale. Indeed, now head to Amazon and you’ll find these great $199 earbuds for $169. What was insane about the sales last week was that they fell to a new ever-low level in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic which struck Black Friday price by approximately $10 last year.

The bad news is that the deal is long over and other AirPods deals may not be far behind. It is hard to know when shortages of products will start really being recovered because Amazon continues to focus mainly on shipping basic goods to hospitals. After all, most of the products that we have waited for are still in stock after months of shortages.

Purell and Clorox wipes can not be found at Amazon yet and we can add AirPods Pro to the list soon. Apples’ favorite true earbuds for wireless noise cancelation were last year’s hottest headphones in front of holidays and have been highly solicited ever since. Amazon has slashed them down to the lowest Black Friday ever, unbelievably, and they are still available right now at that price. That said, this may be the last time AirPods Pro has been available at a discount for a long time. In view of all that is happening, there is no way to say what supply could be a week or even a few days from now.

For now, you can still drive over to Amazon and save 6 percent on AirPods Pro. You still see about a one-week shipping quote, but it’s still a great chance to save on AirPods Pro in about a week and have them in your hands.

You’ll find many other great AirPod deals on Amazon today if you’re not interested in the active cancelation of noise. You can pick up a pair for just $119 if you buy a renewed one. AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case is on sale at $169, instead of $199. AirPods 2 are also available today for $139 rather than $159.

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