Work Comfortably On Your MacBook With Twelve South ParcSlope Stand On Sale

Typing on a flat surface with your laptop is usually anything but comfortable. The Twelve South ParcSlope can help, and Amazon is selling it for $39.99 today. That $20 discount brings down ParcSlope to just $5 more than we’ve ever seen the lowest price. Shipping is also free of charge.

Designed with MacBook and iPad Pro in mind, this stand would work with almost any laptop or tablet. It securely holds your device at a neck-friendly tilt to keep you comfortable while you are working (or playing). The open wedge design allows plenty of airflows to keep things cool, and there is room for cable management to keep your chargers and adapters clean.

A stand like this is also perfect for your workflow adjustment. It gives you room to work with an external keyboard and mouse, as well as making it easier to use your laptop with a second monitor. In working with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, artists also enjoy the ParcSlope as it creates the perfect angle for drawing. Customers from Amazon are giving it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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