Wearable Deals: Amazon Offer Apple Watch Series 3 Today For Just $169

Apple Watch Series 3

What do you feel like taking a beautiful Apple Watch Series 3 and saving yourself $30? It sounds like a lot, right? You will get this right now if you take advantage of Apple Watch Series 3’s new offer at Amazon.

Many consumers are really happy to stay with hardware for a couple of generations when it comes to products like this. Some people consider that an older product is just cheaper. For others, the advantages of incremental hardware updates simply don’t seem to be visible, and therefore Apple Watch’s newest generation isn’t worth upgrading. This is one reason why the Apple Watch Series 3 remains so popular.

A stunning Retina display features that particular model. The display is the center and heart of Apple Watch and, like most mobile Apple products, enables the user to view all contents and also to interact with the product itself. Apple Watch Series 3 also has integrated GPS functionality which allows the Apple Watch to interact with workouts and location tracking independently of a connected iPhone. It’s got an optical heart sensor. It’s swimproof, making it ideal for water training. And the audiobooks, music, and podcasts can be stored sufficiently well.

The Apple S3 dual center processor lives beneath the Retina display, and the watchOS operating system is, of course, the brains of the entire package. The Series 3 Apple Watch also benefits from watchOS updates so that all newest improvements and features from Apple’s firmware are constantly upgraded.

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