Water Resistant Aoycocr Smart Plug With 2 Outlet Sockets Available On Sale For Just $10

Outdoor Smart Plug-Aoycocr Smart Outlet with 2 Sockets

Smart features don’t just need to be relegated to the devices you have inside your home. With this dual-outlet Outdoor Smart Plug at Amazon, you can create smart fountains and holiday lights outside your homes for only $9.99 today. It’s because of a discount that appears automatically during your checkout to save you 15 dollars off the regular costs of this product.

This flexible outdoor smart plug provides a maximum power of 15A/1875W and IP44 is waterproof so that you can use this plug safely outdoors, though you can still place the plug inside. Two AC outlets are equipped, which can be separately controlled using an app on your smartphone. When you want them to be on and off, you can even schedule them so that you don’t have to power on and off the switches all the time manually.

You can even voice control this smart plug while you are home by using a device with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, such as Amazon’s Echo Dot or Google Nest mini. You can monitor anything using your phone or voice regardless of if you intend to use it for landscape lighting, fountains, holiday lighting, sprinkler, porch light or anything else. It will be ideal for rainy or snowy nights when you don’t want to go outside to deal with it all by yourself.

Do you also need some standard smart plugs? This 4-pack of Mini Smart Plugs can be purchased for just $23 at the moment.

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