Wanna Know Why Apple AirPods is The World Best Wireless EarBuds? Here’s The Reason!

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The Apple AirPods Pro is a more functional and thrilling product for one of the most iconic products of the tech giant.

The fully wireless earbuds bring many innovations to the legendary product line, headlined by advanced noise cancelation technology and an IPX4 for water resistance. The Pro is also the most priest AirPod to date, at $249 (currently $234) — but worth every penny.

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The updated construction of the AirPods Pro enhances the ergonomics considerably. The buds are shaped differently and the tips on silicone ears enable them to fit more easily and comfortably than the AirPods you know. By making thousands of scans, Apple has accomplished this achievement to find out which bud-to-ear contact points are the best

I like how the AirPods Pro keeps the stems so identifiable for the first two versions. Through these, despite their different designs than standard AirPods, the new earbuds are undeniably an Apple product.

The AirPods Pro’s stems are also the new place for its audio and noise cancelation functions. You can monitor audio reproduction and call by pressing each stem, and there is a capacitive sensor in each stem. The noise cancellation is adjusted by pressing and holding the button. Naturally, if you remove one or both buds, the AirPods Pro will automatically stop playback.


What amazed me so much about the AirPods Pro is the Apple intuitive test of ear tip fit. The new feature functions like a charm, which is available through Bluetooth on your iPhone.

The earbuds play music and use their inbound microphone for the study of the sound qualities in your ear during this test. If your ear tips match well, a sophisticated algorithm will detect them, allowing you to change the earbuds and the ear tips if need be. The box contains three sizes: small, medium and large.

The Pro has an IPX4 rating for water resistance, as opposed to other AirPods. Along with its highly comfortable fit, it makes the buds perfect for exercise.

Sound Quality

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The AirPods are known for their well-balanced, extremely entertaining sound, and Pro is no exception. Through the updated model, fit and available noise cancelation technology, they are even better.

I was pleased to hear during my tests how much detail throughout the auditive frequency range I heard in my favorite tunes. Their sound was always great irrespective of the contents I played. In my favorite classic jazz albums, I liked hearing the fine details and the solid low ends of old and great downtempo tracks.

The latest AirPods are definitely dignified in this respect. They also had excellent audio quality during phone calls.

The AirPods Pro’s commendable audio and noise cancelation output are made with the help of cutting-edge hardware design. It has a high-quality audio driver and the popular, excellent H1 wireless chip from Apple. This latter provides excellent audio enhancement and a deep connection between the buds and your iPhone. It also makes Siri’s voice commands compatible.

The H1 chip is also the easiest way to pair the AirPods Pro with Apple devices. You only have to open your charging case next to your iPhone and then verify your pairing. Once the buds are paired, all Apple devices with one iCloud account are made available.

Performance of Noise Cancelation

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I was very impressed by the AirPods Pro’s noise cancelation capabilities. The system uses a pair of microphones and advanced processing technologies, which modified the noise cancelation continuously (200 times per second to be accurate) to achieve impressive results.

The earbuds skillfully block out unnecessary ambient noise everywhere I used it so that I could concentrate both on the audio content and on the job. A noise cancelation experience is among the best of wireless earbuds I have ever had.

The AirPods Pro also has a special Transparency mode that adds a layer of external noise to your tunes, which helps you understand your environment. The function uses integrated microphones for the earbuds, as well as the duo of vents. I found it extremely useful both during my travels and during outdoor activities.


I assume that the AirPods Pro covers all boxes for a large, totally wireless pair of earbuds. These are easy, intuitive to use and able to offer an impressive audio and noise cancelation experience. If these fit into your budget, step ahead and purchase them!


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