Voice Assistant Control TP-Link Kasa KL130 Smart Multicolor LED Light Bulb Price Drops To The Lowest, $20 Only

Kasa Smart Light Bulb

The TP-Link Kasa Smart LED Light Bulb is offered by Amazon for $19.99. For Prime Members or orders above $25, free shipping is available. In comparison, it usually sells for $30 and today ‘s deal is the first price drop that we saw in Amazon this year. Compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa are important features here. A multicolored LED bulb is provided to enable users to light up their space with various hues, which function without a hub. It’s also very easy to modify your voice assistant settings with full app control. 4.6/5 stars ratings.

Product Highlights:

Multicolor with a wide range of colors and dimming capabilities, Kasa smart’s multicolor light bulb offers endless lighting possibilities; You can choose a light for everything from a dinner party to a late-night study session

No hub required, the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi light bulb, dximmable connects to your home’s secure Wi-Fi network; No need for a hub or extra equipment; All you need is your smartphone, the Kasa Smart app, and a Wi-Fi connection to start controlling your bulb from anywhere

Control from anywhere: Control your smart light bulb from anywhere with your smartphone using the free Kasa smart app (iOS, Android); Dim, turn on or off or change the colors of your light bulb remotely at your fingertips

Voice control: Use simple voice commands to control your Kasa smart Multicolor light bulb with any Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana; Have your voice assistant change the color to help you wake up in the morning or adjust the brightness to help your kids settle down in the evening

Note: Requires a secured 2.4 GigaHertz Wi-Fi network connection

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