Grab This Amazing Cooling Pad For Your MacBook Today On Amazon For $30

Vencci 2021 Upgrade Laptop Cooler Pad

The Vencci 2021 Upgrade Laptop Cooler Pad is on sale right now at Amazon for $29.71. Previously sold for $34.97, without applying any special discount code at the checkout you save directly $5.26. 

The laptop cooler pad, which is designed with geometry and a large hole metal panel, three large cooling fans (110mm), and three little fans (65mm), will provide an astonishing amount of cooling while remaining silent. The LCD display screen allows you to manage RGB lighting, fan speed, and modes.

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Design LED light strips in a circle surrounding the complete laptop cooling pad, with a width of 9mm/0.35″, it’s really cool and attractive, and an excellent gaming partner for your gaming laptop. There are ten options to choose from, and the RGB lighting may be switched off individually while the cooling fans are still working.

This laptop RGB light cooling pad has 7 various height settings, allowing you to adopt a comfortable posture from 16 degrees to 35 degrees, lifting your laptop 4.3″ to 7.5″ high. It weighs 2.57 lb and is easy to transport. Relieve shoulder and spine discomfort and lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

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With a metal hook and an enlarged base, you can easily vary the height by lifting the hook and placing it in any slot you choose, and you may use the laptop cooling pads anyplace, such as a desk, lamp, sofa, or bed. Say goodbye to thin-base PC cooling pads.

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