We have good news and bad news today if you’re an Apple fan looking for a lot in AirPods. The good news is that the best pricing for Amazon remains for the unbelievable AirPods Pro noise cancelation and for the beloved AirPods 2 entry-level. The poor news is that it seems like these deals are about to end because the deepest discount of Amazon AirPods has been completed.

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AirPods 2 with a wireless charging box has been on sale for about a month with a huge $45 discount, and so many of our readers have benefited from this killer deal. It ended Monday evening unfortunately and in its place, you will find a meager $10 discount. That sure stinks if you have skipped the offer, but don’t worry too much, because you can still get solid discounts on the two Apple AirPod models.

airpods pro 2020 deal-min

AirPods Pro cost $250 for any other store in Amazon, as it was for the past week, right now to $219. This is twice the discount we saw on Black Friday last year. However, we’re not sure how much longer Amazon will deal with AirPods 2 in Wireless Charging┬áCase. You will find that AirPod 2 on sale at the all-time low price of just $129 if you want to spend a little less money, despite that low discount. Again, this deal could be done any time before it’s too late, so hurry up and pick up a couple of either.

The comfort of AirPods Pro is something you can tell you through the three sizes of soft silicone tips. You can easily keep these in your ear all day, and move from place to place. Moreover, your AirPods Pro moves between devices seamlessly with the most recent software update, so that you do not have to disconnect them solely to reconnect them to another computer.

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