You Can Fast Charge Your iPhone While Driving With This Discounted VANMASS 15W Wireless Car Charger

VANMASS 15W Wireless Car Charger Auto Clamping

Pickup VANMASS 15W Wireless Car Charger Auto Clamping for $50 without having to use a coupon code. Usually solid for $80, the offer today saves $30 off the regular price.

This allows you to freely open your arms to take the phone out, even if the car is off, while others can’t.

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The inner heat dissipation unit ensures that your phone is at the optimum temperature to provide the maximum charging speed and the best possible safety protection.

Each time you use the wireless charger, without bothering to remove your phone case, but a case over 6 mm is not recommended.

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The soft silicone helps protect against scratches and bumps on your expensive phone.

The adjustable tray aligns your phone with the charger to ensure the best charging performance.

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