Take This 1000mAh Apple Watch Power Bank For $18

For $17.84, you can pick up the VACOOR 1000mAh Apple Watch Power Bank from Amazon. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly 15 percent on the original price.

Your watch may be charged 2-3 times more thanks to the integrated 1000mAh battery. The apple watch charger’s magnetic construction enables it to align correctly and begin charging right away once it is in close proximity to the iWatch’s back. Without using cords, you can charge your iWatch wherever and whenever you choose.

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The iWatch charger was designed specifically for Apple Watches, and it works with all models, including the Apple Watch Series Ultra SE 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Nike, Apple Watch Hermes, and Apple Watch Edition. Using a second USB-C to lightning connection, charge your iPhone.

The iWatch charger fully charges your watch in 2 hours thanks to its built-in clever chip, which is the most recent 2022 version. This is half an hour faster than the standard Apple Watch magnetic charging cable. Because of its small size, portability, and compact design, the Apple Watch keychain charger is easy to carry on a daily basis or while traveling.

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To prevent unintentionally dropping the wireless charger, which is about the size of a car key, attach it to your pocket or wallet, key ring, or backpack zipper. Never be concerned about charging security. With over current, over voltage, short circuit, and over temperature safety built right into the Apple Watch charger portable, you can charge your device safely while also extending the battery’s life.

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