Upgrade Your Low Space MacBook With $80 SAMSUNG T7 Portable 500GB SSD, Originally $110

SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD 500GB-min

While cloud storage is now the way forward, many rely on a vast array of reasons on good old-fashioned physical storage media. In order to download everything from your camera into something safe, you need this external drive if you are a photographer. If you work in an office and don’t want to depend on the web in order to change things, hardware like the portable SSD of Samsung T7 shines here. Now, it’s only $79, and thanks to its incredible read/write speed and full USB-C standard support, it’s great in every way.

Product Highlights:

TRANSFER IN A FLASH: Transfers files nearly 9.5x faster than external hard disk drive (HDD). Reads up to 1,050 MB/s / Writes up to 1,000 MB/s on USB 3.2 gen 2 supported devices*.

*SAMSUNG RECOMMENDS users to download the latest firmware update via the included Portable SSD Software 1.0 to ensure optimal performance

Data transfer speed may vary depending on the user’s PC environment and the types of data being transferred. USB 3.2 Gen2 and UASP support are required for maximum transfer speed (1,050MB/s)**

**SAMSUNG RECOMMENDS the usage of the included USB Type-C to C and USB Type-C to A cables. Non-original cables may cause performance degradation due to the varying internal resistance and maximum allowable currency

BUILT STRONG & SECURE: Shock-resistant and withstands drops from 6ft.

ADVANCED HEAT CONTROL: DYNAMIC THERMAL GUARD (DTG) TECHNOLOGY protects the T7(T7 Touch) from overheating by automatically slowing down data transfer if necessary. DTG technology enhances product safety and reliability by preventing the T7(T7 Touch) from reaching an excessively high temperature


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