Up to 42% discount on iRobot’s smartphone-enabled robot vacuum and mop

iRobot, a leading innovator in home automation and robotics, has unveiled an exciting Black Friday deal that is set to revolutionize household cleaning. As part of their limited-time offer, iRobot is slashing prices on their popular Roomba Vacuums and Braava Mops by up to 42%. This announcement comes as a boon for consumers looking to upgrade their home-cleaning arsenal with cutting-edge technology.

The centerpiece of iRobot’s Black Friday promotion is the Roomba Vacuum series, renowned for its advanced features and intelligent navigation capabilities. Whether it’s the Roomba i7+, s9+, or the budget-friendly 600 series, customers can enjoy substantial discounts on these robotic vacuums designed to effortlessly tackle dirt, dust, and pet hair. With customizable cleaning schedules and the ability to connect to smart home ecosystems, Roomba vacuums bring unparalleled convenience to the modern household.

Complementing the Roomba lineup, iRobot’s Braava Mops are also featured in this Black Friday extravaganza. Designed to tackle hard floors with precision, the Braava series offers a hands-free mopping experience. The Braava Jet M6, for instance, not only navigates through rooms intelligently but also boasts customizable cleaning options. With the Black Friday discount, homeowners can now elevate their mopping game without breaking the bank.

In addition to the remarkable savings on individual units, iRobot is sweetening the deal by bundling some Roomba and Braava combinations, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution for different needs and preferences. This bundling option allows customers to maximize their savings while ensuring a seamless integration of vacuuming and mopping tasks for a thoroughly cleaned home.

iRobot’s commitment to customer satisfaction is further highlighted by its extended warranty and support services, which remain intact even with these discounted Black Friday prices. This assurance adds an extra layer of confidence for consumers looking to invest in smart home cleaning solutions without compromising on quality or service.

The Black Friday promotion is expected to draw in tech enthusiasts and homeowners alike, seeking to leverage the convenience and efficiency that iRobot products bring to daily life. With discounts of up to 42%, this limited-time offer positions iRobot as a frontrunner in the Black Friday sales arena, catering to those who value both technological innovation and cost-effectiveness in their home maintenance routines. Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your cleaning game with iRobot’s cutting-edge Roomba Vacuums and Braava Mops this Black Friday!

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