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This is a great deal for iPhone and iPad users who want to add more storage: Amazon is selling an Apple MFi Certified 128GB iPhone Photo Stick for just $29.63,

This is a great deal for iPhone and iPad users who want to add more storage: Amazon is selling an Apple MFi Certified 128GB iPhone Photo Stick for just $29.63, which is 41% less than the regular price. This device can be used to manage photos, videos, and contacts, and it’s also a handy and portable way to store and move data between Apple devices.

The Apple MFi certification makes sure that the product works with Apple products and is reliable. It also lets users know that the product meets Apple’s high standards for performance and functionality. This certification is especially important for people who use iPhones and iPads because it makes sure that the software works well with their devices without putting data security or integrity at risk.

The iPhone Photo Stick’s 128GB of storage space is more than enough to hold a huge amount of multimedia files, such as high-resolution photos, HD videos, and other media. People who take a lot of photos and videos on their iPhones or iPads and need a reliable way to back them up to free up device memory will really benefit from this extra storage space.

The USB port on the device makes it easy to move data between compatible devices. This means you don’t have to worry about complicated software installations or cloud-based storage solutions. It’s easy to connect the iPhone Photo Stick to the Lightning port on an iPhone or iPad, and files are transferred quickly. This makes it a great accessory for using on the go or sending photos to family and friends.

In addition, the iPhone Photo Stick can be used as an external storage device, so users don’t have to rely on cloud services or their device’s internal memory to store their files. This feature is especially helpful for people who don’t want to use the cloud for storage or who want to keep their data offline for privacy or security reasons.

I needed to organize photos. Before I started messing with them, I wanted them all backed up, and quickly. This did the job. It pulled my photos off my phone easily, and with little fuss. Now, I feel better about pushing some to my backup server and some to a drive in the safety deposit box (I’m a genealogist, so I need backups). I read a couple of reviews that said it made their phone run hot, but it didn’t do that in my case. I plan to keep using this as I accumulate photos. It’s the one tool I never knew I needed.

The iPhone Photo Stick is easy to use because it is small and portable, so people can carry it around in their pockets or bags. Users can access their saved content whenever and wherever they are, without an internet connection or any extra equipment. This includes while traveling, commuting, or just going about their daily lives.

Overall, Amazon’s sale price on the Apple MFi Certified 128GB iPhone Photo Stick makes it a great deal for iPhone and iPad users who want a reliable and efficient way to store their photos. This device is a great buy for people who want to add more storage to their device and make managing their data easier because it has a lot of useful features, is certified to work with other devices, and isn’t too expensive.

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