Get This Perfect UGREEN Stand Holder For Your iPad At $18

Amazon is currently offering the UGREEN Tablet Stand Holder for just $18.23. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 20 percent on the original price and clip the on-page coupon to save an additional 5 percent.

This adjustable iPad stand for desks is made entirely of aluminum alloy, with a thicker, larger base and a center of gravity design, with the goal of achieving improved stability and longevity. Its weight is up to 50% heavier (14 ounces) and larger (4.72*6.7 inches) than the typical tablet stands for a desk made of plastic.

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It also offers 10 times more secure support without swaying, making it ideal for large tablets like the iPad Pro 12.9 Stand. You may adjust the angle of your device (from 5° to 150°) with this foldable desktop tablet stand writing 12.9 tiltable clip to find a suitable viewing angle. As you work, aid in neck and back relaxation. This adjustable iPad Pro stand for a desk may be completely packed up into a small bag. The iPad mini 12.9 stand is the ideal complement for travel or business trips because it stores compactly and is simple to carry in a backpack.

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The silicone-covered pad and the rubber hook gently yet firmly support your tablet, prevent it from slipping, and prevent scratches. The tablet supports and holders are more solid thanks to the rubber feet underneath; when you tap the tablet, it won’t shake or fall.

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