Rest Your iPhone On This Popular UGREEN Cell Phone Stand For $6

The UGREEN Cell Phone Stand is on sale right now at Amazon for $5.94. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly 41 percent on the original price.

An improved stylus pen for the iPad allows for a better user experience by allowing you to lay your palm on the screen without the need for a bulky glove. Only a few models come with the ability to magnetically attach. A more comfortable and realistic-feeling stylus pen allows you to draw without gloves while resting your palm on the screen.

This Smartwatch Comes With Many Great Features & It’s Just $34 Today

The most recent iPad/iPad Pro pencil has updated 1.2mm pencil tips that are more sensitive and precise, eliminating the need to zoom in to create small letters. Without lags or skipping, the writing feels fluid. Built-in rechargeable battery enables all-day use of this iPad stylus on a single full charge.

$30 iPhone Wireless Charging Stand Drops To $17

20 hours of nonstop operation and 90 days of standby for roughly 90 minutes for each charge. Bluetooth and apps are not necessary. Simply tap the cap button to turn on this active pen for iPad; it enters “Sleep Mode” after five minutes of inactivity to conserve battery.

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