UGREEN 5 in 1 Multiport Adapter with 4K HDMI for Apple Device at $13 (28% discount)

Amazon is currently offering the UGREEN Revodok 105 USB C Hub at an enticing price of $13, featuring a remarkable 28% price drop. This 5-in-1 multiport adapter is designed for seamless connectivity, providing a 4K HDMI port, 100W Power Delivery, and three USB-A data ports. Compatible with a range of devices including MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro, iMac, iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max, XPS, and Thinkpad, this USB C hub offers versatility and convenience for users seeking expanded connectivity options. With its affordable price and impressive features, the UGREEN Revodok 105 becomes a compelling choice for those looking to enhance their connectivity experience.

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