Twelve South’s Luxury Leather Case For 2018 iPad Pro Now Available On Amazon

Twelve South, the popular Apple accessory maker, has just announced a new iPad Pro case. The Journal for iPad Pro looks and sounds like you might expect in both 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes.

The case itself is a big, robust affair that holds not only the iPad Pro but also the Apple Pencil. There’s also a place to store your own Bluetooth keyboard or, if you really have to, papers as if that wasn’t enough.

If you’re familiar with Twelve South Journal accessories for other Apple products including the iPhone and MacBook, you’ll get to know Journal for iPad Pro immediately.

It has a zip on one edge, so everything inside is about as safe as it can be when the case is closed. The whole thing also looks like a beautiful leather-bound book when it stood up.

This case can be placed in a few different directions to keep your iPad at the right height and angle during use, making it perfect no matter how you like your tablet to stand.

Of course, the cheapest case you can buy will not be a leather iPad case of this quality. Twelve South is selling the iPad Pro Journal for $99.99 in the 11-inch model, and the 12.9-inch model is setting $119.99 back to buyers. But the quality and functionality of the case are such from what we can say that it probably deserves that price tag.

Both sizes are currently available for order. If it’s important for you to keep your iPad Pro safe while looking stylish, this may just be the case for you.

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