This Branded Photo Frame Comes With iPhone Charging Feature & It’s On Sale

The Twelve South PowerPic mod 10W Qi Charging Stand is currently on sale for $46.77 on Amazon. Today’s bargain, which normally sells for $60, is a 22% savings and a new low. This price reduction, which is a penny less than our prior remark, is the first since August. This wireless charger offers a distinctive location to recharge your smartphone and, when not in use, transforms it into a picture frame to match the rest of your home’s decor. It is constructed out of transparent acrylic and features a 10W Qi stand with either black or white accents.


Product Highlights:

PowerPic mod’s unique charging frame can be positioned vertically or horizontally on the included stand.

The beautiful thick acrylic borderless frame is a blank canvas that can be tailored to your style. You can showcase a bold print, wallpaper to match your walls, your favorite vacation photo, or even leave it empty for a modern look. PowerPic blends in or stand out it’s up to you.

Wireless charging phones, iPhones and AirPods Pro can all be charged on PowerPic. PowerPic is compatible with most cases up to 3mm thick and can charge phones vertically or horizontally. Use PowerPic with any 20-watt USB-C power adapter (not included).

PowerPic mod’s magnetic frame has no edges so your phone can charge easily big or small.

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