Your MacBook Deserves This Popular Laptop Stand From Twelve South At $56

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook

Pick up Twelve South HiRise for MacBook for $56 with a direct discount. The offer on this one saves $24 off the usual selling price.

HiRise is an excellent design for MacBook, which makes your laptop a convenient desktop. HiRise provides what fixed stands can’t. This allows you to set your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air up to a half-foot from your desk, making it suitable for MacBooks and users of every size. It is more an upgrade than an accessory that you will see HiRise.

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HiRise raises your laptop from your desk, reduces the stress on the neck, and makes your work environment more comfortable. Put your MacBook on HiRise and connect it to your favorite wireless keyboard and mouse for a super-comfortable, super-convenient workstation. Use HiRise to align both for the ultimate dual setup if you like to work on two screens.

When it comes to laptop stands, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The first time you’re using HiRise for MacBook, you’ll see what we mean. This sleek, brushed metal stand has a spring-loaded end that allows you to comfortably increase or reduce the height to the viewing position.

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This adjustable stand offers desktop comfort whether you’re working on an 11-inch MacBook Air or a 15-inch MacBook Pro. HiRise features v-shaped arms that are lined with soft silicone to secure your Mac. The arms also provide maximum airflow for your laptop.

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