Twelve South Hirise Adjustable Stand For MacBook For $52 Only, Usually $80

At Amazon right now, the Twelve South HiRise for MacBook is down to just $52.49, which is the best price we’ve ever seen on it in over a year and one of its lowest. Usually, the height-adjustable laptop stand sells directly at Twelve South for $70.

HiRise allows you to boost your laptop to a more ergonomic height when using your MacBook with an external keyboard or hooked to an external display. Unlike many fixed laptop stands, the HiRise can be used from a few inches off your desk to half a foot in height to adjust your MacBook screen. Its aluminum construction will fit right in with your other Apple gear and hold your MacBook in place with its anti-slip arms.

Today’s Best Deal: Twelve South HiRise for iPhone/iPad For $16 Only

Of course, there are more affordable options on the market— including one from Amazon itself— but they often lack the adjustable Twelve South HiRise’s advanced build-quality features.

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