Twelve South Curve Stand For MacBook At Lowest Price Today

At Amazon today, Twelve South’s Curve stand for laptops and MacBooks is down to $37.49. This stand, which is regularly priced at $50, is a great addition to any compact desk or workspace. Today’s deal isn’t just unusual; it’s also the lowest price ever reached on Amazon by this stand.

The products produced by Twelve South look nearly good enough to be official Apple accessories, and no exception is the ergonomic Curve stand. Its modern, minimal design fits in with Apple’s MacBook look and helps elevate its screen.

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It also keeps 70% of its base exposed to better cooling and is useful for multi-monitor configurations to help bring monitors to the same height. You’re going to want a separate keyboard and mouse to use too, of course.

It also helps your desk look less cluttered by raising your laptop, and gives you the ability to store something important underneath.

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