Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 13/Pro Max/Mini is now only $40, down from its usual price of $70

The Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 13 is a stylish and functional 3-in-1 leather wallet case that not only offers excellent protection for your device but also adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday carry. This case was designed by Twelve South specifically for the iPhone 13 and features a book-style cover with a leather wallet inside. This particular model is available in a deep brown color, which exudes an appearance that is traditional and enduring.

For iPhone 13 

For iPhone 13 Pro Max

For iPhone 13 Mini

This case’s compatibility with MagSafe accessories allows for a smooth and safe connection between it and other MagSafe accessories, making it one of its most notable features. The magnetic components improve the usability of the product as a whole by facilitating the quick and simple attachment of MagSafe chargers and any other compatible accessories.

The BookBook case is not only made to look premium but also to feel luxurious to the touch due to the use of high-quality leather in its construction. The leather ages beautifully over time, developing a patina that is truly one of a kind and giving the case more personality. The shade of brown gives the iPhone 13 an air of sophistication and cohesion thanks to the way it complements the design of the device.

The design of the BookBook places a significant emphasis on functionality, which is made clear by the fact that it provides three different functions in one device. The case can also be used as a wallet, providing you with an easy place to store your cash and cards that you use frequently. It also functions as a display stand, enabling you to prop up your iPhone 13 so that you can view content without having to use your hands. This feature makes it an excellent choice for making video calls, watching videos, or even following recipes while cooking.

The magnetic shell, which can be removed and replaced, is a thoughtful addition that offers flexibility in the way the iPhone 13 is used. Whether you like the clean look of using your phone without a wallet or the additional convenience of having all of your necessities in one place, the BookBook case can be customized to meet your requirements.

The BookBook is also available for the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, ensuring a tailored fit and consistent quality across the entire iPhone 13 lineup. For those who have a different model of iPhone, the BookBook is also available for those models. Users are able to quickly find the BookBook case that is best suited for their particular device as a result of this versatility.

The fact that there is currently a sizeable discount attached to this offer is another factor that contributes to its overall allure. When you consider that its regular retail price is $70, the BookBook for iPhone 13 is a remarkable deal considering that it is currently on sale for only $40. This discount not only makes the case more accessible, but it also represents a fantastic opportunity to make an investment in a high-quality accessory for your iPhone at a price that is more manageable for your budget.

In conclusion, the Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 13 in brown is an excellent option for consumers who place equal importance on both a fashionable appearance and practical performance in the accessories they purchase. This case provides iPhone owners with a comprehensive answer thanks to its compatibility with the MagSafe connector, its construction from premium leather, and its flexible 3-in-1 design. And with the current sale price of $40, it presents an excellent value proposition that those who are looking to enhance the iPhone experience should not pass up on.

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