Wirelessly Transmit Audio From USB-C Device To Up To 2 Wireless Headphones With Discounted Twelve South Airfly

Twelve South Airfly USB-C

Amazon ships the Twelve South Airfly USB-C for $57.72. This is about $7+ off the usual rate and the lowest price we have been able to offer. There are still a few remaining moments if you are on the wireless headphone train when this transition can be a mess. It’s on Nintendo Switch in my book and if you want to share audio among several non-Apple Wireless headphones. Airfly’s version aims to squash these problems with USB-C connectivity. A single charge lasts more than 20 hours. 4.3/5 stars rated.

Product Highlights:

NO MORE LIMITATIONS: Wirelessly transmit audio from your iPad or USB-C device to up to 2 AirPods, earbuds or wireless headphones. Share a movie, song or podcast easily – without cords in the way.

NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY LIFE: AirFly USB-C has a battery life of 20+ hours. If you forget to charge AirFly or your iPad/ USB-C device, Airfly USB-C has pass-through power and can be used while charging.

TRANSMIT WITHOUT WIRES: AirFly USB-C has a 10m/33ft reach so you can relax with plenty of space to enjoy your content.

Tech Specs – Bluetooth 5.0, Audio Codecs: aptX Low Latency, aptX and SBC audio. Battery Life: 20+ hours

Included – AirFly USB-C, USB-C charging cable, travel pouch, quick start guide, manual

If you have volume issues after upgrading to the newest Firmware on your iPhone, please see our website FAQ’s on the AirFly Product Page or reach out to us so we can help!

NOTES: AirPods must be INSIDE AirPod Case to enter pairing mode (#1 pairing mistake).

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