Tribits Qualcomm True Wireless Earbuds Is A Perfect Alternative For AirPods At $51

Tribit Qualcomm True Wireless Earbuds

The Tribits Qualcomm True Wireless Earbuds are on sale on Amazon for just $50.99 today. With today’s deal, you can instantly save 15% off the item’s regular price of $60.

The Qualcomm QCC3040 processor in the Tribit Flybuds C1 wireless earbuds has a frequency range of up to 48KHz and APTX high-quality audio decoding. You experience deep bass, CD-quality stereo, and more sound details are preserved.

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Four microphones on the C1 true wireless earbuds have CVC 8.0 noise cancellation technology, which eliminates background noise in busy places like airports, stores, and streets by up to 90% while enhancing speech understanding. You may listen to music for up to 50 hours on one charge with the charging case for wireless earphones. Without charging it, you can use it for two weeks. Tribit Bluetooth earbuds wireless use Bluetooth 5.2 dual-channel transmission, which is faster than Bluetooth 5.0 at one-step pairing, more reliable at transmission, uses less power and has extremely low latency listening.

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The Tribit Flybuds C1 wireless headphones have physical buttons on the handle for a single-button, multi-control configuration. The procedure becomes more exact, and your ear won’t be under prolonged stress. Your whole control needs will be satisfied.

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