Get This Tribit XFree Go Bluetooth Headphones For $22.74 (Save $12.25)

Tribit XFree Go Bluetooth Headphones

The Tribit XFree Go Bluetooth Headphones are now available on Amazon for a discount today. Just use the coupon code ‘IOQEYEVO‘ on the checkout page and get the product for just $22.74 (regularly sold for 34.99), saving 12.25.

The Bluetooth headphones are equipped with a Qualcomm chipset, keeping the headphone power low. Bluetooth 5.0 Technologies for easy and seamless connectivity and 16m audio/video sync.

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The impressive design of the Tribit Bluetooth headphones is matched with an exhilarating, detailed, tonally balanced, and full of rhythmic precision.

Most ambient noise can be blocked out by the over-ear design and noise isolation pads, allowing you to enjoy the music more fully.

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The Bluetooth headphone can play music for up to 24 hours on a single charge in Bluetooth mode.

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