Trace Your Belongings With Tile Sticker (2020), Grab 4 Pack From Amazon At $47 Only

tile sticker-min

If you want to keep a greater track of your items in your 2020 New Year resolutions, the new Bluetooth Trackers Tile Sticker could be useful. You can easily locate your stuff using a phone app and you can save on purchasing a two-pack or a four-pack, while your stocks last, thanks to a sale at Amazon. The two-pack is available for $29.99, saving you $10 off its usual cost, while the four-pack is priced for $47 which makes it just $12 a piece. That’s a better deal to save you 13 dollars off the regular price of the set.

Tile’s latest Bluetooth tracker is the most powerful device yet. Each one of the adhesives is tiny and can be easily stuck almost anywhere you want. You might put one on your remote control, one on your wireless earbuds case, one on your pocket.

The Tile Sticker has a battery life of three years and a range of 150 feet. With an app on your phone, you can ring a tile sticker whenever the device is attached. On the other hand, if you ever lose your phone you can even press a button on any tile sticker. Even if your phone is silent, this functionality works super helpfully for those who never rings.

Tile’s app also includes a map that shows you when and where you left last. When you lose an asset away from home, you can ask other Tile users anonymously to help you find the item; a function sends location notifications to your device when a Tile user comes close enough to the item, although you will receive no confirmation where it is.

You can even ask Alexa to help you locate any lost item attached to the Tile tracker using a device such as Amazon Echo Dot.

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