Pair Your iPhone With This Popular Wireless Earbuds For $16 (64% OFF)

For $16.19, you can pick up the TOZO A3 Wireless Earbuds from Amazon. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 64 percent on the original price and clip the on-page coupon to save an additional 10 percent.

If you wish to remove the headset’s previously stored information regarding associated devices, all you have to do is place it in the charging compartment and hold down the reset button on the charging box for roughly 10 seconds. You can re-pair the headset to any device you like without wiping the data from the linked device.

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High-end headphones that are equipped with the call noise reduction feature intelligently personalize noise reduction and sound performance for your ears, allowing you to enjoy the rich, immersive sound and improving communication when using headphones for communication by avoiding loud noise that has a negative call effect. The TOZO A3 earbuds have a battery life of 5 hours for typical use (at 50% volume) and a quick charging time of 10 minutes. The combined battery life of the headphones and charging case is 22 hours.

The strong battery makes all-day listening possible. This provides you with fantastic long-endurance pleasure. The Bluetooth 5.3 connection offered by TOZO wireless earbuds is quicker and more reliable. This most recent iteration of Bluetooth technology ensures a strong, continuous connection as long as you’re within 30 feet of the associated device.

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Additionally, wireless earbuds with one-step rapid pairing will instantly connect to the most recently paired device when the case is opened. The design of TOZO headphones was based on the ear canals of thousands of people, and they are designed to fit the majority of people’s ears. The single earbud in these wireless Bluetooth headphones weighs only 3.3g, making them easier to carry.

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