Discounted TOPTRO 4K Bluetooth Projector Can Also Project Your iPhone Contents & It’s On Sale For $199 Only

TOPTRO Bluetooth Projector

Snag TOPTRO 4K Bluetooth Projector for $199 with a direct discount. The offer today saves $60 Off the regular selling price.

Constructed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the projector can connect to various Bluetooth speakers and headphones, easily gain a better sound experience.

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The TR81 is native to 1980*1080 P resolution and supports 4K with clearer images with better details. It can reach 7000 lumens and has an ultra-high contrast ratio of 8000:1 with the 6-layer design and the latest led technology.

This projector can project a larger screen compared to other products at the same distance. A 350″ clear picture can be obtained with a projecting distance of up to 9 m, while other projectors cannot focus far beyond 4 m.

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This projection projection projection system has ±50°4D (vertical & horizontal) keystone correction through remote control to ensure that the projected image is always a standard rectangle. A rotating ring is also available on the side of the projection to the quick vertical correction of ±15°; the zoom function can be applied between 100 percent and 75 percent.

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