Give Your MacBook This Top Rated Protective Sleeve Case For $22

For $21.59, you can pick up the tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve from Amazon. Today’s bargain allows you to save directly 20 percent on the original price.

Tomtoc proposed the idea of 360 protection and created the laptop sleeve with CornerArmor Technology, high resilience edges, and high-density soft padding to resist the most difficult scenarios, from falls to shocks to vibrations. The Military-Standard-Drop-Test was passed, and the sleek appearance was preserved.

This Travel Backpack Has Padded Compartment For Your MacBook & It’s On Sale For $22

Extra-beefy CornerArmor Technology, high resilience edges, high-density soft padding, water resistance, and manufactured from recycled plastics with a reliable, non-binding YKK zipper are all built-in features of TomToc products. You may keep peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, USB, and SSD drives, as well as your power supply and cord, in the additional pocket. It has a nice balance of quality, durability, storage, protection, and fashionable aesthetics.

Get Rid Of MacBook Heating Issue With This $18 Aluminum Stand

You should never travel with just your laptop. Perhaps your external backup drive, mouse, cord, charger, etc. Going with simply the case is doable because of the extra front pocket. Also, a strap for your Airtag or key is designed here as an extra. It properly fits the 13-inch MacBook Air/Pro and keeps it in place when traveling. It was created to elegantly compliment the MacBook’s businesslike appearance.

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