This Well Reviewed Wireless Waterproof Speaker Runs For 30H, $22 Today

Portable Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, but you may have a little more trouble finding one that can last for 10-15 hours on a single charge. When played at half volume for 30 hours, the Vtin 20W Portable Bluetooth Speaker is capable of remaining powered and since it is packed with 20 W pilots it is so loud that you will not even have to turn it on so clearly to hear. It usually sells on Amazon for $36, but today you can buy one at $21.99 only by checking out the SE49QLWW promotional code. This discount of almost 40%, which will probably not last long, is one of the best deals ever to reach this speaker.

With its 20W drivers, this portable Bluetooth speaker offers impressive sound, helped by enhanced bass to give some extra oomph to your music. There is also a built-in rechargeable 4400mAh battery that can keep the speaker playing much longer than many of its competitors. It is built with an impact-resistant, slightly water-resistant, rugged metal shell. You can sprinkle it or let it lightly rain, but you shouldn’t even submerge it a bit.

This speaker can pair up to 33 feet wirelessly with devices with Bluetooth 5.0. When switched on, it can also automatically connect to the last paired device so you can start listening almost instantly. For even bigger sound, two of these speakers can be paired simultaneously with the same device. Also included is a detachable carabiner that allows you to easily hang the speaker.

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