This Portable TACKLIFE Solar Generator is a Life Saver For Your Tech Outdoors

The 299Wh TACKLIFE solar generator can fulfill your every need in the outdoor campsite, power failures, and other emergencies. 300W power station with a capacity of 299Wh is sufficient to charge over 27 smartphones (10W), laptops (45W) for 6 hours, refrigerators (45W) six hours, CPAP (30W) 9 hours, car vacuuming (110W) for 2.5 hours or other small equipment. Infinite power provides power to drive, camp, and hunt your car.

And right now Amazon is offering it for a good $112 discount.

This Portable power station is fitted with 2 * 110V AC power sockets, 2 * Type-C ports (5V/2A), 1 USB port (5V/2A), and 2 * DC ports (12V/10A) that meet all your electronic charging requirements, including freezer, travel mug, TV and projector. Make outdoor use easier for you.

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Recharged with solar panels, carport, and AC power connection (sold separately). During cars, RV trips, or camping, multiple charging methods are more convenient. The Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) pre-installed reduces charging time by up to 40%, in particular for solar panels. Electronic devices can even be charged without waiting while the outdoor camper is charged. All electrical equipment requirements under 300W are easily satisfied.

The portable power plant is Palm-sized and equipped with a standard pure sine wave that ensures in- and output stability. And weigh 1/15 of the solar generator, ultra less noise nature is the perfect way to sleep. Take a portable TACKLIFE power station with you, never worry about power shortages.

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There is no fuel or oil found in the TACKLIFE power plant that is more environmentally friendly than the gas generator. Equipped with the BMS system, you and your devices are provided with short circuit protection, over-current security, over-voltage protection, overload protection, over-heat protection, and other battery life functions. Enjoy the beauty of your heart’s outdoor activities.

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