This Single Infinacore Pandora Device Works As a Wall Adapter, Wireless Charger & A Power Bank For Apple Device

INFINACORE Pandora Portable Power (P3) 8000mAh Wireless Charger

Although the Infinatek brand isn’t as recognizable as market leaders such as Anker and Aukey, that’s certainly a name that you won’t forget as soon as you try out the new Infinacore Pandora Portable Power. In fact, it is very likely that the latest portable charger that you ever buy will eventually be.

The new power pack of Infinatek is as portable as it is. Okay, not every mobile charger has been created equal. This model has wall adapters that fold straight out from your side, rather than having to carry a carry-on cable around to refuel your power back. Moreover, if you like, you can use this model 100 percent wire-free because it is built on the side with a fast wireless charge pad! On the Pandora Portable power, this is just one of four different charging connections, with USB C, USB 3.0 Quick Charge, and standard USB 3.0 ports, all available for wired power.

From smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, and even your laptop, that new model can power up everything that you could need. Compared to other portable chargers, it is nice and compact but has an 8,000 mAh well-size battery inside. It is enough to recharge a MacBook Pro 13-inch and an iPhone 11 fully! This great charger is less than many compatible models with many features at only 39.99 dollars in both black and white on Amazon. Check out this at Amazon – this model usually sells for $60.

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