This Powerful Device Power Up Not Only Your MacBook Outdoors But Also Mini Fridge When Necessary

This must be a mistake! Amazon is offering AIPER Portable Power Station for $200 with the discount code FFDKB8JB at the checkout. It is usually sold for $500 without the code.

The AIPER Discoverer 300 is a smart, clean, reliable, mobile-enhanced lithium-ion battery pack with a 309Wh (85.860mAh 3.6V) feature that has been developed and designed with a leading battery company.

8 Devices Simultaneously including 10W Wireless Fast Charging is compatible with most Qi-enabled electrical devices. Easily place your phone on the rubber top of the power station to charge your phone quickly, 10W Max output. Outputs include: 1*continuous 300W, 600W pure sine wave AC outlet, 1*USB-C PD input & output port, 2*USB-Quick-Charge 3.0, 2*USB-A smart, and 1 * 12V Carport.

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Two adapters are provided in your package so that it can be loaded by the wall or by car. Or recharge it from the sun with a compatible solar panel (recommended 11V-24V / over 45W), (sold separately). Specially designed with a powerful 30W USB-C PD input & output port, you can recharge the power station via DC input and USB-C PD port at the same time, the charging time will be significantly shortened.

It only weighs about 6 lbs with a portable handle that’s easy to carry, the small size of the lunch box is ready to recharge everything from phones, laptops, tablets, drones, and other small devices. Tip: Charging devices rated below 300 watts are suggested.

With our portable generator alternative, be prepared for any emergency. Power your essential devices, such as phones and radio, with a built-in flashlight with different lighting-solid on, SOS and flashing modes, give you power and light at home/camping blackout. At Aiper, customer satisfaction is the number 1 priority and they provide you with 30 days of replacement or full refund and an 18-month carefree warranty.

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