This iPhone Accessory is Simply Just The Bluetooth Speaker But Didn’t Knew It Even Works As A Power Bank

Soundcore Trance Bluetooth Speaker

Apple releases HomePod Mini for $99 which is a great thing unless you like to stay at home. You can’t take it to your friend’s house, can’t take it for camping, can’t use it when there is a power cut. But you can do everything listed above with Soundcore Trance Bluetooth Speaker. It costs the same as the HomePod Mini but and comes with lots of great features.

A 5.25-inch woofer and 2-inch tweeter deliver thumping beats and exciting melodies with Mesmerizing 101dB Sound. A personalized passive radiator filling the whole back panel of the party speaker fuels low frequencies.

This Accessory is Specially Made For iPhone & MacBook

The soundcore’s exclusive BassUp technology uses a customized algorithm with Party Speaker with Room-Shaking Bass to perform real-time analysis and instant bass intensification. You feel the bass rise through your body even outside.

Drop Trance party speaker in the deep end or float in the pool — its fully waterproof, IPX7-rated casing keeps the internal components still defended.

The customized Party Light algorithm and DSP sync the LEDs to the beat when the beats drop. Choose from 5 Soundcore app lights and view them in harmony with rhythm, flow, and chase each other.

$299 iPad 8 is Five Years Ahead Of Any Tablet in The Market!

Choose from 3 games to hype the crowd. Swipe the LightDJ screen to remix the LEDs or add sound effects by tapping. The indoor mode balances the sound, while the outdoor mode magnifies the bass to the hard-hitting music.

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