This Discount Device is Must Have For Every Home & Office During COVID-19 Pandemic

Ultraviolet Disinfection Cabinet (Normal Temperature) -min

For people looking for a bigger UV light case, the StateRiver UV light sanitizer box is a fantastic choice that costs a bit less than the ones you’ve seen elsewhere. It disinfects anything from facial masks to smartphones, sunglasses, headphones, car keys, home keys, and more. This model also uses UV-C light as well as ozone to sterilize, known to kill viruses and bacteria, including human coronaviruses. We saw this model sold for as little as $175, but now, if you hurry, it is on sale with a nice discount at $150.

Product Highlights:

Scope of application: mobile phones, masks, baby clothing and supplies, almost all small and medium items (need to keep dry)

Disinfection method: ultraviolet + ozone

UV Wavelength:usually 220-250nm (lowest:185nm, maximum 270nm).

The glass door can block most of the ultraviolet rays (the light passing through the door contains almost no ultraviolet rays)

When the disinfection cabinet is working, please keep more than 20 inches away from the door.

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