This $31 Apple device wall charger also doubles as a power bank and includes a built-in wireless charging pad!

The Sanag Portable Charger is a versatile and convenient power source for anyone who is constantly on the road. This 10,000mAh power bank delivers an all-in-one charging solution for your devices thanks to its integrated AC wall plug and built-in cables. This power pack will work with any phone, Samsung, iPhone, or Android.

One of this portable charger’s notable characteristics is its wireless charging functionality. Simply set your Qi-compatible smartphone on top of the charger to begin wireless charging, eliminating the need for untidy cords and adapters. This makes it ideal for charging AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, and other wireless charging-capable accessories.

The Sanag Portable Charger’s LED display displays real-time information about the battery’s remaining capacity, ensuring that you’re never caught off guard with a dead power bank. Knowing how much power you have left allows you to accurately plan your charging needs.

This power bank is extremely versatile, with four output and two input ports. You can charge numerous devices at the same time, making it an ideal travel companion or when you’re away from a power source for an extended amount of time. The twin input ports also allow you to charge the power bank more quickly, ensuring that it is ready for your next journey.

The price point makes this bargain much more appealing. This power bank is now on sale for $31, which is a value considering its regular price of $50. Because of the reduced price, it is an appealing alternative for individuals wishing to replace their portable charging solution without breaking the bank.

Finally, the Sanag Portable Charger with AC wall connector, built-in cables, wireless charging, LED display, and numerous ports is a versatile and reasonably priced power bank that can charge a variety of devices. With a current price of $31, it represents excellent value for money. Don’t pass up this chance to get a dependable and feature-rich power bank at a low price.

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