These Popular Discounted Smartphone Accessory is Must Have During COVID-19 Pandemic

HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Smartphone Sanitizer

Everybody knows that smartphones reproduce all kinds of bacteria, and yes, they also breed the viruses. You really can’t be too safe in the era of coronavirus. Clorox wipes and Lysol wipes are not yet available in the country’s supermarkets, but Amazon finally has three UV-C sanitation devices in stock and you can get them back quickly if you hurry.

In addition to face masks and hand sanitizers, this could be the most important purchase in order to protect you against the new coronavirus.

The Ottolives UV Smart Phone Sanitizer is currently the first model available at $59.99. It has a great interior for even the largest smartphones and is one of Amazon’s cheapest options.

The Coral UV 3 in 1UV sterilizer and dryer, which is off $30 at Amazon, is another excellent option for a lot more inside. Thanks to two powerful UV-C lights it works even better than the aforementioned model and is back in stock for the first time.

Although the HoMedics UV-Clean Large Phone Sanitizer works as well as the above model, it does have a larger interior, so that larger items can be cleaned. It’s $99.99 and now it’s in inventory, but probably will be sold out soon.

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