The Best iPad Alternative For Kids Now Available For Just $30 Only

Compared to something like an iPad, Amazon’s line of fire tablets are already affordable, making them perfect for giving to kids or using media consumption around the house. Although they may not replace your laptop as an iPad Pro, they’re not going to break the bank either— especially if you make the most of this limited-time sale on the Amazon Fire 7 tablet. Right now, members of Amazon Prime can pick up one from just $29.99, save $20 off their regular starting price, and match their record-low Prime Day record. The savings apply to the 16 GB and 32 GB models as well as the non-special offers version.

The Fire 7 tablet has just been updated in May, so with this deal, you’re getting the latest features from Amazon. The biggest changes include an 8 GB to 16 GB bump in default storage, a much faster processor, and Amazon Alexa’s built-in capabilities to control your smart home from your new device. There are a few nice new color options as well.

You can upgrade your storage with a microSD card if you feel that 16 GB or 32 GB is not enough space for you. The Fire 7 tablet now supports up to 512 GB capacity so you’re going to have plenty of room for games, movies, music, and more.

If you’re planning to pick up a Fire 7 tablet for your kids, you might want to check out the Fire 7 Kids Edition. It’s $40 off for Prime members at the moment. These upgraded Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablets are exactly the same Amazon Fire 7 tablets you would find at Amazon today for $30, although they are housed in a child-proof case that is built to keep them safe. The cases feature an integrated stand and come in different colors to match the style of your child, but the real kicker here is the 2-year worry-free guarantee included. No matter how the tablet breaks in the Kids Edition, you can return it and receive a free replacement for up to two years after purchase with no questions asked. These tablets also allow parents to create time limits for the screen, set educational objectives, and filter content.

Each Kids Edition tablet also comes with a complete year of absolutely free Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, unlocking access to over 20,000 age-appropriate apps, books, games, shows, and other educational content. This is a service that normally costs more than $80 annually, and it will surely provide your child with hours of child-friendly entertainment.

Check out Amazon’s current offer on the 8-inch Fire HD 8 tablet for those who prefer a larger screen.

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