The 45W USB C Super Fast Charger from INIU is now only $18 after a 42% price drop. It works with iPhone, Mac, and iPad

The INIU I622 is a 45W USB C Super Fast Charger intended to enhance your charging experience. This compact yet powerful charger features PD (Power Delivery) and PPS (Programmable Power Supply) technologies, ensuring a quick and efficient charge for a variety of devices.

The INIU I622 is compatible with numerous devices, such as the Samsung S23 Ultra/S23/S22/S21/S20/Note, MacBook Air, Steam Deck, iPhone 14, and iPad. Its dual-wall charger design allows you to simultaneously charge two devices, saving you time and ensuring that your essential devices are always ready for action.

This charger’s cutting-edge PD technology provides a rapid energy boost to your devices, allowing you to spend less time tethered to an electrical outlet. The foldable design makes it easy to carry, adding convenience to your charging routine whether you’re at home or on the go.

Even better is the astounding discount offered: 42% off the list price! You can now purchase this high-quality charger for $18.69. This deal not only saves you money, but also ensures that your valuable electronics will be charged quickly and reliably.

No longer will you need to carry multiple chargers for different devices. The INIU I622 simplifies and optimizes your charging setup, providing you with peace of mind and saving you valuable time. The sleek and portable design allows you to bring it with you wherever you go, making it an ideal travel and daily charging companion.

Investing in the INIU I622 is a smart choice for tech enthusiasts who demand speed, efficiency, and compatibility. The adaptability of the charger to multiple devices renders it a future-proof solution, ensuring that it will continue to be a valuable asset as you upgrade your devices over time.

Do not pass up this incredible opportunity to purchase a premium 45W USB C Super Fast Charger at a steep discount. Enjoy the convenience of fast and dependable power wherever and whenever you need it by stepping up your charging game. The INIU I622 is more than a charger; it provides a seamless and efficient charging experience.

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