TaoTronics Vent Phone Holder With Attached Wireless Charging Pad Price Falls To Lowest, $9 Only

TaoTronics Vent Phone Holder

The Air Vent TaoTronics and 5W wireless chargers are down to a value of $8.99 via Amazon with discount code AIUAFNCA. This reduces the price from $14.99, which is a very consistent price for the last six months. The fall today is one of the lowest prices we ever saw for it, so it’s a lot for you.

The mount serves two purposes simultaneously. First, it provides a safe place to rest while driving. Keep your hands off the phone and avoid your phone bouncing in your cup holder or wherever you use it. The mount holds it and shows all that you need to see, such as directions for navigation. Second, it has a built-in wireless charger. Once mounted, the phone starts charging and everything you have to do is drive.

Product Highlights:

2 IN 1 Function: This vent car mount combines phone holder and wireless charging in one unit.

Simple Setup: Pressing your phone against the cradle makes the arms snap shut, firmly gripping it in place; to release the hold, simply press the release bars; charge through most cases under 0. 2 inches thick

Flexible Fit: Fits most standard air vents and both horizontal & vertical vent blades. Features an adjustable air vent mounting grip to attach to thicker or thinner air vents

Firm Grip: Rubber arms firmly grip vent slats so the mount won’t detach or fall, even over rough roads. No more worry about your phone falling off.

360-Degree View: Rotate between portrait and landscape view to provide an optimal display for road navigation

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