Take This Stylus Pen For iPad At Just $16

Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you can get the TaIYanG Stylus Pen for just $15.99 from Amazon. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 20 percent on the original price.

With a stylus pen equipped with palm rejection technology, you can write and draw more naturally on the iPad screen while still wearing no gloves. It may be magnetically attached to the side of an iPad so that it won’t slide or fall when you need to rest, making it easier to use and organize.

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The iPad stylus pen is composed of aluminum alloy and uses a 1.5mm wear-resistant nib to substitute your finger and execute finer commands. It has no lagging, offset, or breaking lines, and most importantly, it won’t scratch your screen. At only 13.2g in weight, even small children can use the iPad stylus with ease thanks to its ergonomic design.

Until the indicator light turns on and the stylus pen enters operating mode, swiftly tap the top of the S-pen twice, and the indicator flashes red before going off. This iPad pen’s ultra-fine 1.5 mm tip makes it as accurate as a real pen, enabling more accurate and fluid use even with little, narrow strokes. There are no skipping, lags, or scratches.

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Supports 8–10 hours of continuous use with a Type-C USB cable and only requires 80–120 minutes to fully charge. auto-off after five minutes of idleness to effectively conserve energy. The Stylus Pencil’s palm rejection technology gives you better accuracy and control while drawing on your screen while also giving you a natural writing experience.

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